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 “China Is Experiencing a Strong Upward Trend”
ISPO-BEIJING | 15.02.2017

New Standards At Multi-segment Trade Fair in China

Klaus Dittrich: “ISPO BEIJING 2017 Reflects the Strong Upward Trend in China”

“China Is Experiencing a Strong Upward Trend”. Trade fair boss Klaus Dittrich speaks at the press conference before ISPO BEIJING 2017. (Quelle:
Trade fair boss Klaus Dittrich speaks at the press conference before ISPO BEIJING 2017.
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It is that time again. The 13th Edition of ISPO BEIJING has started on 15 February in the China National Convention Center and once again sets new standards – as the multi-segment sports trade fair in the Asia-Pacific region.

More exhibitors, more brands, and in the years to come, also with a larger area. ISPO BEIJING, also in its 13th Year, is a success and until 18 February it lures precisely 502 exhibitors - an increase of seven percent as compared to 2016 - to the Chinese capital. A new record!

The number of brands has increased from 590 to 728 - also an all-time high. In addition, the Partner trade fair ALPITEC has been provided with a larger exhibition area.

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Klaus Dittrich: “China is experiencing a strong upward trend”

Klaus Dittrich, Chairman of Messe München's Executive Board, stated at the opening press conference that he was very pleased with the development of the multi-segment sports trade fair ISPO BEIJING.

“ISPO, that is always a Festival of Sport. China is experiencing a strong upward trend in sport; with the 2022 Olympics in sight, full of drive and with the absolute desire to succeed and innovative force,” said Dittrich in his opening speech: “This upward trend is reflected by ISPO BEIJING in all its diversity. And it drives this trade fair forwards as the most important multi-segment trade fair in the Asian region.”

Sport becomes more important in China – ISPO BEIJING 2017 reflects this development.  (Quelle: Messe München GmbH)
Sport becomes more important in China – ISPO BEIJING 2017 reflects this development.
Bild: Messe München GmbH

In 2017, also, the Munich trade fair won new exhibitors for ISPO BEIJING, including, for example, Gola; other companies such as Gore-Tex are returning to Beijing for the trade fair after some time out. Read here: How Gore captures the Chinese market.

83 percent of this year’s exhibitors come from China – and also in the ISPO AWARD it is shown that “China is a market of opportunities and inventiveness.”

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The rise of Chinese brands continues

Out of 500 participants worldwide, more than 100 now come from Asia, of which 73 are from China alone. The rise of young Chinese brands will especially be taken into account at ISPO BEIJING 2017.

“In our new start-up village, young Chinese companies present their innovations. They get the chance to promote and establish themselves internationally,” asserts Dittrich.

Alongside seeing and being seen, the trade fair is also about the transfer and mediation of knowledge. With more than 50 presentations, discussion sessions and events, ISPO BEIJING offers a comprehensive accompanying program.

“Optimal platform for Chinese market”

One of the highlights here will be the presentation of the second “China Ski Resort White Book” at the Asia Pacific Snow Conference, which depicts the status quo of the Chinese ski industry.

Do you wish to know all the facts about the development of winter sports in China? Then read the 2015 China Ski Industry White Book here >>>

“ISPO BEIJING displays a spectrum which is both broad and diverse. You can get the perfect overview of the Chinese sports market and here, find the optimal platform to establish yourself in the Chinese market.”

Florian Pertsch (Quelle: ISPO)
Article by Florian Pertsch, author
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