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 Avalanche training with RECCO and ISPO
Winter-sports | 16.03.2016

On-snow test during the Freeride Testival in Kaunertal.

Avalanche training with RECCO and ISPO

Avalanche training with RECCO and ISPO. Top test conditions during the Freeride Testival in Kaunertal.
Top test conditions during the Freeride Testival in Kaunertal.
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The Freeride Testival in Kaunertal wasn’t only about testing the very latest freeride products and numerous ISPO AWARD winners. One particular focus was on the subject of safety and avalanche awareness. 

Together with RECCO, ISPO thus organized a workshop exclusively for dealers and journalists, where an avalanche emergency scenario was simulated with several people being buried. Under the leadership of the state-certified mountain and ski guide Jörg Brejcha, the search for victims buried under the snow in different scenarios was simulated and practiced.

Detailed search with the avalanche transceiver.
Detailed search with the avalanche transceiver.

Authentic practice conditions

An artificial avalanche deposit area prepared especially for the workshop guaranteed extremely realistic conditions. After the participants had been instructed about the theoretical procedure of an avalanche search, the challenge was to find four different victims who had been buried: two who had been buried with avalanche transceivers, one with a RECCO reflector and one without either avalanche transceiver or RECCO reflector.

The exercise was an impressive demonstration of how important the correct and routine handling of avalanche emergency equipment is. The joint sounding of an avalanche field, where the search was on to find someone trapped completely without safety equipment, was a new and informative experience for many of the participants.

In the course of the workshop, the participants also had the opportunity to learn about how the RECCO detector works at first hand. During the search, the detector emits a signal which is returned by a reflector integrated in the clothing of the person buried. RECCO reflectors can and should not replace the avalanche transceiver. However, winter sports clothing with integrated RECCO reflectors increases the chance of all winter sportsmen being found in the event of an avalanche burial.

Andi Spies (Quelle: ISPO)
Article by Andi Spies, author
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