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 Let’s talk about social compliance
ISPO-MUNICH | 25.01.2016

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production

Let’s talk about social compliance

Let’s talk about social compliance. WRAP
Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production was founded in the mid-nineties.
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On two days at ISPO MUNICH a talk on social compliance will be taking place. Delivering the talk will be Hong Mei from WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) – an independent non-government organization with a certification program for manufacturers of sewed products.

The topic of the talk will be “The Current Landscape of Social Compliance.” On January 25 and 26 from 15:00 to 16:00, visitors can hear Hong Mei talking in the Asia Lounge in exhibition hall C!, stand 701 (sourcing hall).


WRAP aims not only to certificate factories, but also to subsequently monitor them and to ensure that the defined standards are complied with by the manufacturers.

The twelve principles of WRAP certification include prohibitions on forced labor, child labor, harassment and malpractice. Additionally, the principles promote fair pay, social contributions and safety regulations.

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