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 ISPO ACADEMY Snow & Safety Conference 2015
ISPO ACADEMY Snow & Safety Conference 2015. Skifahrer im Pulverschnee
Lech Zürs Tourismus / Sepp Mallaun
December 5-6, 2015, Zürs am Alberg, Austria

ISPO ACADEMY Snow & Safety Conference 2015

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Again, for the fourth edition of the annual Snow & Safety Conference, ISPO ACADEMY organizes a tailored sports retailer conference around the theme of safety in the mountains on Sunday, December 6, 2015.

In special seminars and workshops sports retailers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can deepen their knowledge on the subject of safety and freeriding. The focus is on training and lectures in theory and practice, to ensure the best possible advice and the sale of freeride and security products.



December 5, 2015


Get together and Networking at Robinson Club Alpenrose


December 6, 2015

9:00 - 12:00

Freeriding – Play it safe

Guided freeriding and safety training with professional Mountain and Ski Guides including Freeride techniques in varying terrain and avalanche beacon handling training.

12:00 - 13:00


13:15 - 14:00

Pin-Tech Bindings for Freeriding - Market overview, test results (D)

Freeriders are searching for high performance but also light weight bindings. How big is the compromise in performance and safety to reach advantages in weight?
Market overview of Classic and Pin-Tech Bindings for Freeriding.
Comparison of Classic Frame Freeride Bindings and PIN-Tech Bindings in DIN setting, impact absorption, weight and way of use.
Influence of different boots to the performance of Pin-Tech Bindings.
How do I find the right Binding for my personal preferences?

Speaker: Wolfgang Pohl, Vivalpin
14:05 - 14:50

Selling successfully to sportive women (D)

Typology of female audience “Women as customers in the sports retail” and the role of type in the consultation in store.
Based on the first study SGI Women & Sports—an analysis of the German sports market from a female perspective—is an exclusive survey in cooperation with Intersport 3,200 athletic women. It shows the purchasing behaviour and what women value when buying sports products. Ulrike Luckmann introduces the six types of the feminine target group and shows based on results that urgent action is needed if retailers and brands want to sell successfully to women.

Speaker: Ulrike Luckmann, Luckmann PR
14:50 - 15:35

Tools for digital Marketing (D)

Social media, hyperlocal, targeting—how to win and retain new customers

For 20 years we have been using the internet as we know it; In 2007 Apple presented the iPhone. Two milestones that have changed the retail industry sustainably and continue to change it today. This presentation gives an overview of the marketing tools and options these new technologies offer for shop owners.

Speaker: Christian Mießner, Bertslide Media
15:50 - 16:35

Customer loyalty and gaining new customers in shop through Freeride Travel (D)

How can I appeal to new customers, create new revenue fields, long-term committed customers as a sports or ski shop with a range of freeride trips?

The freeride market is definitely there. Customers are willing to spend money on their hobby—and not only on the equipment. How can you offer customers added value in store, how can you achieve more sales whotel betriebswirt ith the customer? How can you win customers as a “fan” for your store in the long term—so that price comparisons on the internet are less important and the shop is considered a “specialist”? How to organize such a travel program? What to consider?

Speaker: Holger Dörsam, Sport65 Shop & Reisen GmbH


Christian Miessner Portrait (Quelle: Christian Miessner)
Christian Mießner

Works as a freelance consultant for online strategy, design and user experience with focus is on digital marketing, social media and video. He runs the snowboard video aggregator shralp! and the Yoga video platform YOGAMOUR .

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Holger Dörsam  (Quelle: Holger Dörsam)
Holger Dörsam

Co-owner and Managing Director of Sport65 Shop & Travel GmbH & Co KG of Weinheim. Since 2006 he is also an independent sales representative for various winter sports manufacturers (including Blizzard/Tecnica, Powderhorn, and Carrera).

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Ulrike Luckmann Portrait (Quelle: Ulrike Luckmann)
Ulrike Luckmann

Journalist and PR woman and college educated fashion designer. She has specialized in the issue of women and sport and functional sports textiles and is the author of the first function lexicon Touchbuch.

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Portrait von Wolfgang Pohl (Quelle: Wolfgang Pohl)
Wolfgang Pohl

Founder, Managing Director and Head of Ski School VIVALPIN and the event agency VIVALPIN

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Again, for the fourth edition of the annual Snow & Safety Conference, ISPO ACADEMY organises a tailored sports retailer conference around the theme of safety in the mountains on Sunday, December 6, 2015.

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