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 Sport 2000 presents “pleasing growth”
Sports-business | 19.06.2017

Sport 2000 continues to grow in the outdoor sector in 2017

“Pleasing Growth” for Sport 2000 Dealer Network

Sport 2000 presents “pleasing growth”. Sport 2000 Managing Director Andreas Rudolf
Sport 2000 Managing Director Andreas Rudolf
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Sport 2000 shows positive turnover figures for the months January to May 2017, particularly in the outdoor and multisport sectors. At the same time, the trade network was also able to increase its number of partner dealers and outlets. Managing Director Hans-Hermann Deters summarized what he sees as a pleasing development, saying “the end customer plays sport”.

Multisport Grows by 12 percent, Outdoor by 3 percent 

In the outdoor sector as well as in the multisport area of textiles, Sport 2000 presents positive numbers: “We have experienced a very pleasing growth of 12 percent in the multisport area of textiles”, said Deters at the outdoor trade fair in Friedrichshafen. The outdoor experience sector grew by 3 percent overall.

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Divided into segments, sales of outdoor hardware grew by 8 percent, followed by textiles and shoes, each with 3 percent. With a turnover share of 22 percent overall, the outdoor sector ranks among one of the most important Sport 2000 sales areas.

“It is pleasing that after the 9 percent increase of the previous year, the outdoor sector has also developed positively among our partners in the first five months of this year”, commented Managing Director Andreas Rudolf during the course of the outdoor trade fair in Friedrichshafen.

Biggest Sales Losses in the Football Sector 

The textiles area also shows an increase of 3 percent in the running sector. In contrast, the development of running shoes experienced a loss of 4 percent. In the year after the UEFA European Championship, Sport 2000 had to contend with its biggest losses in the football sector.

In comparison to the previous year, sales in the textiles area were lower here by 27 percent, and in the hardware area, by 25 percent. Sales of football shoes however remained relatively stable, with a loss of 0.5 percent.

As of May 2017, Sport 2000 trading partners consist of 987 businesses and 1306 retail outlets. In the first half of the year these numbers were still at 948 businesses and 1257 retail outlets. “Our number of partners is experiencing a steady, qualitative growth”, said the Deters co-director Andreas Rudolf. 

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Article by Claudia Klingelhöfer, author
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