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 Under Armour Collaborating with Snapchat
Sports-business | 07.10.2016

Sportswear Manufacturer Launches NFL-App

Under Armour Collaborating with Snapchat

Under Armour Collaborating with Snapchat. Just like in real life, Newton has to evade a number of obstacles. (Quelle: Imago)
Just like in real life, Newton has to evade a number of obstacles.
Bild: Imago
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Following the beginning of the NFL season, the American sportswear manufacturer Under Armour is now releasing an interactive app with social media service Snapchat. 

The sportswear manufacturer is always trying to open new paths and to drive the digitization of its business forward. Alongside NFL star Cam Newton, Under Armour has also got Snapchat on board for the new app. 

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Under Armour: Going Digital with Cam Newton

Just like in lots of gaming classics, Cam Newton can be controlled virtually. High scores can be posted to Snapchat. Under Armour hopes that the mini-game will provide further support to the Newton-featuring advert released in September. The app is currently only available in North America.

For years Under Armour has been growing into one of the fastest in the sportswear industry. Alongside a huge growth rate, the company has also increasingly been building up its digital portfolio. Along with Cam Newton, Under Armour has also picked up other sport stars including Michael Phelps.

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