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 Chinese copy Under Armour logo
China | 03.05.2016

Audacious plagiarism in China

Chinese copy Under Armour logo

Chinese copy Under Armour logo. Those responsible for Uncle Martian at the brand launch in China
Those responsible for Uncle Martian at the brand launch in China
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With its latest brand launch, a Chinese company has set new standards in copying Western brands.

Tingfei Long Sporting Goods brought a new sporting goods brand, with the name Uncle Martian, to market, and its name and logo very strongly evoke the US company Under Armour.

In the same way as the sporting goods manufacturer from Baltimore, the Chinese use two Us as their logo; the color scheme, in red and white, is almost identical. Only the laurel wreath, which has additionally been added in, is different in the Uncle Martian logo.

Under Armour reacted correspondingly clearly to the imitators. “The use of the famous Under Armour logo and the name, through Uncle Martian, is disconcerting to us and these things are an obvious infringement of copyright. Under Armour will vigorously employ all legal means”, says the company’s spokesperson Diane Pelkey.

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