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 Ghost Nominates New Enduro Team
Action-sports | 19.04.2016

Four-person Enduro team founded

Ghost Nominates New Enduro Team

Ghost Nominates New Enduro Team. Kevin Maderegger at the extensive test of the PathRIOT by Ghost (Quelle: Jan Kasl / Marius Maasewerd)
Kevin Maderegger at the extensive test of the PathRIOT by Ghost
Bild: Jan Kasl / Marius Maasewerd
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German bike manufacturer Ghost Bikes will further extend its commitment in the racing sector.

In addition to the women's XCO World Cup team, Ghost Factory Racing will also be at the starting line with a four-person Enduro team. The Ghost Factory Racing Riot team will consist of Michal Prokop, Tobi Müller, Kevin Maderegger, and Franzi Meyer, and compete on the Enduro racing bike PathRIOT.

The quartet will participate with its full cast in the four European EWS races, as well as the BIKE Festival competitions in Riva and Willingen. Franzi Meyer and Tobi Müller will also be starting at the German Championship. Michal Prokop will ride the Czech Enduro series and Kevin Maderegger one or more other XCO races in addition to the Enduro races.

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