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 Nike: Sales Increased, Expectations Missed
Sports-business | 07.04.2016

Sportswear manufacturer in the 3rd quarter

Nike: Sales Increased, Expectations Missed

Nike: Sales Increased, Expectations Missed. Nike hazards rather outlandish designs in the fitness domain (Quelle: Nike)
Nike hazards rather outlandish designs in the fitness domain
Bild: Nike
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The US sporting goods manufacturer has increased its sales in the elapsed quarter, but can't really be glad about it.

Sales rose by around eight percent to eight billion dollars, but investors' expectations were nevertheless not met. Additionally, the US company even had to accept a revenue decrease in the sports shoe and apparel segments in certain countries.

This has had an impact on the Nike stock's market price, which fell by approximately six percent after-market. The prospect for the coming months remains below expectations.

In Nike's biggest market, North America, growth is decelerating and profits in incoming orders are diminishing.

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