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 New General Manager at Arc’teryx
Outdoor | 08.02.2016

AMER sports brand

New General Manager at Arc’teryx

New General Manager at Arc’teryx. Jon Hoerauf
Hoerauf most recently intensified cooperation with existing trade partners.
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Jon Hoerauf, previous Global Commercial Manager at Arc’teryx, will become General Manager of the Canadian company. He succeeds Vincent Wauters, who has resigned after four years as President and General Manager.

“I am looking forward to my new leading position at Arc’teryx. Working for a premium brand with an excellent team really motivates and energizes me,” said Hoerauf. “I can’t imagine another brand that would so perfectly meet my expectations in a product or my professional and personal goals like Arc’teryx does.” 

Hoerauf, who is American, has been with Arc’teryx for four years. Before that, the 41 year old worked for North Face. There he held a total of 13 positions in the fields of marketing, product and sales.

“Jon is a veteran in the outdoor industry with economic skills, customer focus and a particular understanding of our product,” Wauters, the outgoing General Manager, explained. “We are fortunate to be able to fill such positions from within our own ranks.”

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