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 Intersport comes off well after a challenging year
Retail | 24.01.2016

Mixed results for 2015

Intersport comes off well after a challenging year

Intersport comes off well after a challenging year. The management board of Intersport
The management board of Intersport
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On the first day of ISPO MUNICH 2016, the German branch of Intersport announced an increase in retail turnover of 1 percent in 2015 compared to the previous year.

Together, the affiliated retailers hit sales of 2.87 billion Euros. This figure is for the German market alone and does not include results from the Central and Eastern European markets, which operate under the helm of the German cooperative.

The retailers had a great start to last year with sales increases of 7-8 percent in the first three months. What were more challenging were April (-7 percent) and an unusually warm December (-8).

In terms of product categories, a 9 percent increase was satisfactory, while the outdoor category managed a small increase of 2 percent. Developments in bike/funwheel and fitness categories however, were more positive, with increases of 16 and 6 percent respectively. As predicted, team sports were down 19 percent due to the absence of a big soccer tournament in 2015.

In the other markets which form part of Intersport Germany, the figures were also satisfactory, notably in Austria. Sales there were up 11 percent and reached 400 million Euros for retail. The Czech Republic was up by 2 percent and reached 50 million Euros.

In Poland, the situation was more difficult. Figures from the Polish market are yet to be published because Intersport Polska is publicly listed. Hungary repeated its previous year’s performance with 20 million Euros in sales. And business in Slovakia soared by 7 percent to 30 million Euros.

Markus Huber (Quelle: ISPO)
Article by Markus Huber, editor
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