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 Dynafit announces distributor for China
Retail | 08.01.2016

Expansion in the Asian Market

Dynafit announces distributor for China

Dynafit announces distributor for China. Dynafit wants to expand in the asian market (Quelle: Dynafit)
Dynafit wants to expand in the asian market
Bild: Dynafit
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Dynafit has announced its distributing partner for  the Chinese market. The manufacturer of sportswear & skiing gear will cooperate with Blue Ice Adventure. The collaboration is supposed to last for the upcoming five years.

The company wants to expand its business in the pacific-asia region. In South Korea, the Asian brand K2 was already announced as distributor in October 2015. Furthermore Dynafit opened its own office in Tokyo.

120 independent shops are already selling products of Dynafit, in the next 24 month the company wants to expand this number to 160.

From 24th to 27th of February Dynafit will showcase the collections Vertical Running, Alpine Running and Ultra Running at ISPO BEIJING.

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