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 Creative and cool: ISPO AWARD COMMUNICATION 2016
Award | 16.12.2015


Creative, cool, emotional

Creative and cool: ISPO AWARD COMMUNICATION 2016. Spectacular stunt: Motorbiker Robbie „Maddo“ Maddison in Tahiti (Quelle: DC)
Spectacular stunt: Motorbiker Robbie „Maddo“ Maddison in Tahiti
Bild: DC
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Through the quagmire to marketing success: Since 2013, ISPO has recognised the most creative communication services in the sport industry through ISPO AWARD COMMUNICATION. An independent jury has now announced who is behind the most outrageous events, extraordinary advertising and creative apps.

The jury, consisting of experts from various agencies and marketing departments, film-makers and photographers, not only occupied itself with the concepts of numerous communication campaigns, but also focussed on the creative and graphical implementation of these concepts.

The experts ultimately selected one prize-winner in each of the eight categories: Content Marketing, Photo, Event, Film, Digital/Website, Commercial, Digital/App and Multichannel/Brand.

Exactly who came out on top out of all these winners, and who will follow in the footsteps of The North Face as the proud recipient of ISPO AWARD COMMUNICATION OF THE YEAR, remains a closely-guarded secret: the inter-category award winner will be announced on 26th January 2016 as part of the Sports Communication Day at ISPO MUNICH.


DC, Pipe Dream

He glides coolly over the sea on his dirt bike, before ultimately surfing the mighty waves off Teahupoo and Papara in Tahiti: Australian motorcyclist Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s supplier DC made him an Internet star with the video “Pipe Dream”. The footage of his spectacular stunts went viral within a matter of weeks, amassing over 40 million views in less than one month. Preparations took two years, the filming 17 days. The video also forms part of the marketing for the new Maddo signature shoe from DC.

Spectacular stunt: Motorbiker Robbie „Maddo“ Maddison in Tahiti (Quelle: DC)
Spectacular stunt: Motorbiker Robbie „Maddo“ Maddison in Tahiti
Bild: DC

Brian Caissie for Red Bull

Brian Caissie knows how to capture spectacular sporting moments. As well as travel photography, the Canadian photographer also specialises in skateboarding photos. Caissie has known his compatriot, professional skateboarder TJ Rogers, for years and has followed his development as a sportsman. Working for Red Bull, he has once again captured remarkable scenes from unusual perspectives. Here, TJ is making his way back to prepare for a new trick, framed by the Forum Building in Barcelona. 

Award winning picture: Brian Caissie captures TJ Rogers  (Quelle: Brian Caissie)
Award winning picture: Brian Caissie captures TJ Rogers
Bild: Brian Caissie

Tough Mudder Ltd.

Filthy fun: Tough Mudder runs have taken place around the world since 2010, and involve men and women battling their way through mud and challenging obstacles. This year alone, Tough Mudder has staged over 50 events, three of which were in Germany. The 16 to 18-kilometre obstacle course features an ice bath and metre-high walls, among other things. Many of the obstacles cannot be overcome on one’s own, meaning good teamwork is the order of the day. As such, it is no wonder that many companies have started using the Tough Mudder runs as a team building exercise for its employees.

Mudd and some more challenges: That's Tough Mudder (Quelle: Tough Mudder)
Mudd and some more challenges: That's Tough Mudder
Bild: Tough Mudder

Moving Adventures Medien, Masters of Slack

Two completely different sportsmen, one shared understanding: anyone who stands still will never find the right balance – neither when slacklining nor in life. Masters of Slack portrays two of the scene’s superstars, Jaan Roose and Andy Lewis, and promotes a sport, in which the only way is up. The film also forms part of the European Outdoor Film Tour programme for this year and next.  

Adventures in high altitude: Masters of Slack (Quelle: Masters of Slack)
Adventures in high altitude: Masters of Slack
Bild: Masters of Slack

Mammut, #Project360

Online summit attempt: Mountaineering outfitter Mammut’s #Project360 gives users sat at home an insight into the fascinating world of mountains. Users can virtually strike out on some of the most famous routes in the world on their computer screens. Whether the Matterhorn, Montblanc or El Capitan, a specially developed rucksack with six cameras takes surround shots of the mountains and documents the route to the summit. Since the start of 2014, professional mountaineers and Mammut employees have been busy capturing the remarkable images on over 30 mountains around the world.

Full circle, the Mammut #project360 (Quelle: Mammut)
Full circle, the Mammut #project360
Bild: Mammut

72andSunny for Samsung & World Surf League, We Are Greater Than I

Striking images and powerful emotions: The advertisement developed for Samsung by the 72andSunny agency symbolised the strengths within a team. As well as world-class athletes from the World Surf League, the commercial also shows amateur athletes pouring their heart and soul into their hobby: surfing. It also investigates the hidden side of the surfing community: the support they receive from their friends and family, but also such negative experiences as hatred, sexism and racism. The fact that the advertisement does not shy away from the darker side of the sport makes it all the more authentic and moving.

Together stronger: Surf-Clip by Samsung (Quelle: Samsung)
Together stronger: Surf-Clip by Samsung
Bild: Samsung

Kolle Rebbe for Kingdom of Sports, Move To Unlock

Get fit with your smartphone: Companies like Freeletics and Runtastic have demonstrated for a long time that this is possible with their apps. Hamburg-based agency Kolle Rebbe went one better for the Kingdom of Sports chain of fitness studios, transforming every little movement into a more substantial exercise with the “Move to Unlock” app. Each time the user wishes to unlock his mobile phone, he must do an exercise tailored to the time of day. Only then can he use the smartphone. 

First you have to move, then you are allowed to play: App "Move to Unlock" (Quelle: Kingdom of Sports)
First you have to move, then you are allowed to play: App "Move to Unlock"
Bild: Kingdom of Sports

Venables Bell & Partners for Reebok, Be More Human

What sort of a person am I? And how does that affect what kind of athlete I am? These are the kind of questions investigated in the “Be More Human” campaign, which was developed for Reebok by the agency Venables Bell & Partners, and is intended to establish Reebok as the leading fitness brand. The campaign, which is staged across various channels, shows humans and their fitness as holistic constructs. The campaign includes an interactive tool, showing the positive effects of exercise on the brain, and a human-ness test

Die "Be more human" Kampagne von Reebok (Quelle: Reebok)
Die "Be more human" Kampagne von Reebok
Bild: Reebok

Anyone wishing to find out more about the award-winners can do so at ISPO Munich from 24th to 27th January. They will be showcasing themselves as part of ISPO AWARD exhibition in hall B1.

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