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 Running: Soles produced by 3D printer
Running | 01.12.2015

Innovative New Balance shoes

Running: Soles produced by 3D printer

Running: Soles produced by 3D printer. The New Balance running shoe with its 3-D-middle sole  (Quelle: New Balance)
Printed sole: The next New Balance running shoe
Bild: New Balance
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From April 2016, the US sporting goods producer New Balance intends to sell their first running shoes with a midsole produced by a 3D printer. This echoes steps already taken by Nike and Adidas, who also plan to include this new printing technology in their shoes.

This project has been named “Futurecraft 3D” at Adidas and the aim is to use 3D printers to produce soles tailored to each individual runner.

No precise start date for the use of the technology has been revealed but New Balance have already announced when sales of the running shoes with the 3D printer soles will begin. The first edition of these high performance running shoes is set to be presented to the public in Boston in  April 2016 .

Sale in selected stores

The “3D shoes” will then be put on sale in selected New Balance stores. The specialist production company 3D Systems will show the new shoes for the very first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2016, which is regarded as one of the biggest trade fairs for consumer electronic worldwide.

New Balance has developed the new soles in close cooperation with 3D Systems. The running sole consists of elastomer powder DuraForm Flex TPU, which will guarantee the optimum balance between weight, durability and flexibility.

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