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 ISPO BRANDNEW Application Tips

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ISPO BRANDNEW Application Tips.
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When submitting your product, please bear in mind: the ISPO BRANDNEW jury members don’t know your product. Some of them may not even be overly familiar with your sports.

The jury is confronted with more than 150 applications. Try to impress them with a clear and meaningful presentation.

1. Application

Take your time with the application form. Choose the most significant product samples in regard to the uniqueness of brand and product. As it’s not only the product which is being assessed, please also include some promotion material samples. Overall brand appearance and a consistent message play a decisive role in the jury decision: this also includes product design, graphics, used materials, claim and message, a definition of your target group, the sales approach, and the development of your company within recent months/years.

Provide photo material (300 dpi, CMYK) and logos (vectorized, .eps, CMYK, Illustrator) online through the application form on a data carrier or via download link.


2. Video

The only means of direct communication with the jury is your video. It’s the chance of a lifetime to present your product and brand to the expert jury. The video is supposed to give a clear and significant image of what makes your product and your brand so unique. Try to prove why you deserve to win the award. And don’t forget: the jury does not know your product yet. Devise a concept with which you can convey the most important facts and your brand message within just two minutes. Think of describing your product to an alien who has just arrived on planet earth without even the slightest clue of what’s going on. Let your creativity run free and focus on the unique selling points of your product and your brand.

Language: English

Formats: DVD, Quicktime, AVI or other established video formats

Optimum size: 1920x1200 px

Minimum size: 1024x768 px

3. Background Information

Your application must include some meaningful background information on the most important product features and its benefits. Obvious elements should be described and pointed out, too; even more so when it comes to less apparent features. Otherwise it is impossible to make an objective assessment that is based on facts. This approach also guarantees that important details are observed.

Application for ISPO BRANDNEW 2018 is now online.

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