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K2 Skis


. K2 Skis – Marksman (Quelle: K2 Skis)
K2 Skis – Marksman
Bild: K2 Skis
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K2 Skis – Marksman

Category: Ski off Piste

The Marksman, which was heavily influenced by the ski styles of Pep, Pettit and Mahre, has a totally unique and new look with asymmetrical tips and tails that offer ample platforms for butters and presses while a sculpted outside edge allows for predictable turn engagement and release. The combination of the different edge shapes makes the ski a jack-of-all-trade ski that's both playful in soft snow and a powerful performer on firmer conditions.


The K2 Marksman with its unique asymmetrical shape and great design is a very tempting one-of-a-kind of freeride ski.

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