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 TLT7 Performance Boot


TLT7 Performance Boot

. Dynafit – TLT7 Performance Boot (Quelle: Dynafit)
Dynafit – TLT7 Performance Boot
Bild: Dynafit
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Dynafit – TLT7 Performance Boot

Category: Speedtouring Boots

Ski touring boot to climb faster and save energy, created for speed tourers seeking enhanced performance in ascent and descent. The TLT7`s Speed Nose makes walking easier. The movements to manage the ski-walk system and to open and close the boot are reduced to a minimum thanks to the dual function Ultralock 3.0 system. Improved skiing performance thanks to a Titantex fiber cuff and Lambda frame, which surrounds the boot and renders it stiffer.


Dynafit really scored with perfect design and optimum stiffness in this super lightweight boot that will even attract rather downhill-oriented skiers.

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