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 Speedmachine 130


Speedmachine 130

. Nordica – Speedmachine 130 (Quelle: Nordica)
Nordica – Speedmachine 130
Bild: Nordica
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Nordica – Speedmachine 130

Category: Alpine Boots

The anatomic shell with new PU material ensures a light and great fit. The Speedmachine offers an innovative customization process on single spots, a gentle heating process with infrared technology without weakening the material or changing the flex. Relevant areas are molded with a negative pressure device. The dealer can fit boots without long waiting time or special boot fitting skills. The Cork-Fit liner and components are 100% customizable.  


What we loved here was the ability to quickly and efficiently fit those high-performance ski boots with a simple machine that does not influence the whole boot but only a specific part. A great value for both consumers and retailers.

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