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 Tour Stick Vario Carbon


Tour Stick Vario Carbon

. LEKI – Tour Stick Vario Carbon (Quelle: LEKI)
LEKI – Tour Stick Vario Carbon
Bild: LEKI
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LEKI – Tour Stick Vario Carbon

Category: Poles

Foldable carbon pole with Trigger S Vertical integrated into the Aergon grip. The pole length can be fixed with Speed Lock 2. Fold/unfold the pole within seconds with the push-button-release.The pole stays connected to the hand with the Trigger S Vertical strap and can easily be clicked in and out with the Trigger and Loop. A flex band in the strap offers upward freedom of movement and maximum downward power transmission: An additional traverse hook for a different grip position is available.


Trigger S is now also set to go touring! The safety mechanism is a great development and we also liked the little hook below the actual grip to have a tighter grip when hiking up a steep slope.

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