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. MARKER – GripWalk (Quelle: MARKER )
MARKER – GripWalk
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MARKER – GripWalk

Category: Bindings

Grip Walk is the new sole/binding system for more walking comfort and skiing performance. The slogan "easy going" perfectly describes the characteristics of the Grip Walk. Grip Walk offers better walking grip thanks to a high-profile, slip-resistant sole. Precise power transmission and release function. No additional height adjustment needed by the dealer/rental operator. Compatible with all "Grip Walk ready" bindings.


Ski boots are not very comfortable or safe when walking on slippery surfaces. That's why Grip Walk soles are the future, not only for beginner or rental boots. To fit this new generation of boots, Marker introduces a binding designed for any kind of alpine boot, including those with Grip Walk soles. A great product that will be appreciated by many skiers who desire more safety in their sport.

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