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 Xcelerator Pro Classic


Xcelerator Pro Classic

. Rottefella – Xcelerator Pro Classic (Quelle: Rottefella)
Rottefella – Xcelerator Pro Classic
Bild: Rottefella
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Rottefella – Xcelerator Pro Classic

Category: Cross Country

With the Xcelerator Pro Classic, it's possible to tune your skis by repositioning the binding. Repositioning the binding changes the characteristics of the ski due to the effect it has on the camber. By moving the binding forward, you reduce the force needed to have better grip due to increased contact between the waxing zone and the snow. By moving the binding backwards, you release this contact and achieve a better glide.


The Rottefella binding deserves the title GOLD WINNER because it's so versatile. Thanks to the binding's adjustment, you either get better grip in rough, undulating terrain, or you glide easier when it's flat.

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