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 Active Extreme 2.0

Craft Sportswear

Active Extreme 2.0

. Craft Sportswear – Active Extreme 2.0 (Quelle: Craft Sportswear)
Craft Sportswear – Active Extreme 2.0
Bild: Craft Sportswear
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Craft Sportswear – Active Extreme 2.0

Category: Base Layer

Active Extreme 2.0 is made of the new CoolMax Air fiber. This new-generation performance fiber is engineered with a propeller shape providing a larger surface area for movement and drying of sweat, which results in outstanding air permeability that drives moisture from the skin. The exceptional high-tech fabric weighs in at only 100 gsm. The collection also includes a reflective version for extra visibility when wearing it as a single layer.


This new baselayer is very lightweight and thin, has a cool feel, but it also offers great insulation when it's cold outside during the workout. The new knitting pattern creates a beautiful look. And what's best: If you are into endurance sports, you can really rely on its moisture management!

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