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 DWR plasma-coating


DWR plasma-coating

. PlasmaGuard – DWR plasma-coating (Quelle: PlasmaGuard)
PlasmaGuard – DWR plasma-coating
Bild: PlasmaGuard
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PlasmaGuard – DWR plasma-coating

Category: Footwear Components

Combining durable water repellency with outstanding breathability, flexibility and low weight.PlasmaGuard® technology is the perfect solution to the textile industry's search for more eco-friendly DWR solutions. By using only 1kg of PlasmaGuard®, you save the world from: 5kg of DWR coating chemicals, more than 115 liters of wastewater, more than 80kg of CO², and the use of crosslinking agents, chlorides, formaldehyde, or other toxic wet chemicals.


Functional products can improve the wearing comfort and performance by functional treatment and product design. Environmentally friendly is another issue, it's especially important to use less chemicals and resources. PlasmaGuard's great benefit is that it achieves the same functionality with a smaller environmental impact.

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