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 S-Drive Performance Trainer


S-Drive Performance Trainer

. Matrix – S-Drive Performance Trainer (Quelle: Matrix)
Matrix – S-Drive Performance Trainer
Bild: Matrix
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Matrix – S-Drive Performance Trainer

Category: Strength- and Cardio-Machines

On the Drive Performance Trainer, forward, lateral and reverse movements can be performed with natural hip rotation. The sprint mode allows for walking, running, or sprinting. The quick-release harness provides support and encourages proper running form. The sled mode replicates sled training without the need of a sled or the space to use it. Resistance settings allow a trainer to adjust accurately how "heavy" the sled is for each athlete. 


The Drive Performance Trainer is based on a trend-setting and versatilely applicable idea. Due to the fact that it does not need any electricity, it's not only environmentally friendlier, it also offers more flexibility. Easy handling and the quick-release harness allow a safe and effective training, not only at home but also for physiotherapy.

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