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Quickplay Sport

lite Combo

. Quickplay Sport – Elite Combo  (Quelle: Quickplay Sport)
Quickplay Sport – Elite Combo
Bild: Quickplay Sport
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Quickplay Sport – Elite Combo 

Category: Team Sport

The Elite Combo is the ultimate football training system: a goal, a rebounder and a free kick wall in one. Each option uses the same frame, making it easy to switch between the configurations. Made from steel and fiberglass, the system is durable and strong, but also lightweight. Everything fits in a carry bag for hassle-free transportation. With its weighted base, it's perfect for training in any location, with no need for extra anchorage.


The multiple configurations and the quality construction gave the Quickplay Elite the edge over the competition. Quick setup and low weight make the training device easy to use and versatile. The accompanying app offers a wide range of training options to get the most of the system.

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