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 Now4 BUGweb RB9X


Now4 BUGweb RB9X

. Icebug – Now4 BUGweb RB9X (Quelle: Icebug)
Icebug – Now4 BUGweb RB9X
Bild: Icebug
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Icebug – Now4 BUGweb RB9X

Category: Hiking & Trekking Shoes

Contemporary design and yet highly functional footwear for the daily urban life. This three-season sneaker combines two of the Icebug benchmark traction technologies, RB9X and BUGweb. The RB9X rubber compound is world leading in providing traction on wet surfaces, a statement that lab tests done with Satra backs up. BUGweb means optional studs as this traction device is removable. The Suede Leather upper adds both water repellence and good looks.

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