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 Shoreditch 3in1

Jack Wolfskin

Shoreditch 3in1

. Jack Wolfskin – Shoreditch 3in1 (Quelle: Jack Wolfskin)
Jack Wolfskin – Shoreditch 3in1
Bild: Jack Wolfskin
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Jack Wolfskin – Shoreditch 3in1

Category: Lifestyle & Fashion

Metropolitan Multifunction styling without compromising on functionality. Texapore 3IN1 Jacket with 700 cuin down insulated inner jacket. Waterproof outside and warm inside. For people who are constantly on the move. High Styling concept by keeping 100% waterproofness, breathability and windproofness. Smart features, such as the smart fix 3in1 system or new solution for secret pockets in combination with the possibility for the extended collar.

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