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 metaproduct runningpad&style


metaproduct runningpad&style

. runningpad – metaproduct runningpad&style  (Quelle: runningpad)
runningpad – metaproduct runningpad&style
Bild: runningpad
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runningpad – metaproduct runningpad&style 

Category: Barefoot Shoes

The "fullsoul runningpad" is a novel shoe in the minimal footwear category that protects the sole of the runner/walker with a layer of leather, cut with a laser to precisely fit the contours of the individual foot. It is very light (around 60g for size 43), scores 100% barefoot on the rating scale of Esculier et. al. It is a meta product, linked to servives to support safe changes in running and healthstyle (, actibelt).

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