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 double-layer hiking sock


double-layer hiking sock

. WRIGHTSOCK – double-layer hiking sock (Quelle: WRIGHTSOCK)
WRIGHTSOCK – double-layer hiking sock
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WRIGHTSOCK – double-layer hiking sock

Category: Base Layer

The patented third attachment keeps the socks aligned. The outer layer is made of activity-specific fibers. The inner layer is always a smooth, undyed, hydrophobic surface. Friction and shearing forces, created by rigorous activity, are absorbed by the interaction between the inner and outer layers of the sock instead of being passed on to the outer layers of the skin. The result is less blistering.  


I have been searching for a solution for years to avoid blisters in my hiking shoes! With the innovation of WRIGHTSOCK, I can probably go on a five-hour hiking tour without worrying about my feet and the pain at the end of the day. Thank you, great product!

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