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. cardiostrong – EX90Plus (Quelle: cardiostrong)
cardiostrong – EX90Plus
Bild: cardiostrong
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cardiostrong – EX90Plus

Categorie: Strength- and Cardio-Machines

The Cardiostrong EX90Plus is the only elliptical that can adjust the stride length continuously variable from 45 to 65cm, even though it does not need much space. The movement is extremely soft, comfortable and joint-friendly and does not make any noise. The handlebar has different handle positions for each user size, and the pedals have special cushions for a workout without shoes. The design is unique, fresh and timeless.


The Cardiostrong is a high-quality, innovative home fitness elliptical trainer that can also be used semi-professionally thanks to its great quality and concept as well as its quiet mechanics. The space-saving architecture fits in every home. Being able to continuously adjust the stride length, this machine is made for universal workouts.

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