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. BackJoy – Posture+ (Quelle: BackJoy)
BackJoy – Posture+
Bild: BackJoy
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BackJoy – Posture+

Category: Accessories

The patented cup design works as a cradle, mechanically correcting your posture while sitting. BackJoy prevents and reduces lower back pain and engages the core muscles while sitting. By tilting the pelvis forward, your spine will be in a natural S-curve. BackJoy Posture+ is waterproof and lightweight, perfect for daily in- and outdoor use. You can take your BackJoy anywhere you sit – at home, in your car, at the office, or even on an airplane. 


Offering a solution to our propensity to slouch while sitting, Backjoy encourages good posture. Its lightweight and compact design make it portable to use on all seats. When used as a fitness device, its instability activates a wider range of core muscles and gives a great range of exercise possibilities.

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