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. Fenix – CL25R (Quelle: Fenix)
Fenix – CL25R
Bild: Fenix
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Fenix – CL25R

Category: Lighting&Energy

The Fenix CL25R deserves the reputation of little penguin, adopts innovative and cold-resistant structure design. As the compatibility of one 18650 Li-ion battery and two cold-resistant CR123A Lithium battery, it is capable of confronting the low temperature of -35℃, even to -40℃. The combination of white&red light plus professional optical diffuser tip, lights up large areas up to 25 meters with maximum 350 lumen output& 600h of illumination.


Smart idea to place the battery on the inside. It is smaller and easily works at very low temperatures (-35°C). Fenix really has the know-how to deal with extreme conditions.

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