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 'Invader' Smart Skiing Jacket


'Invader' Smart Skiing Jacket

. Kailas – 'Invader' Smart Skiing Jacket (Quelle: Kailas)
Kailas – 'Invader' Smart Skiing Jacket
Bild: Kailas
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Kailas – 'Invader' Smart Skiing Jacket

Category: Outer Layer 3L

Purpose-built for mountaineering and skiing. 360° stretch, 3L high-performance, waterproof and durable with magnificent contact color for visibility. New sensor system is integrated into the mobile app for safety in snowy and foggy weather. Lights will be on accordingly as a reminder when you swing over the set value during skiing.


First of all, it’s a nicely designed jacket for skiing and mountaineering made of durable, elastic, high-performance material. With the new sensor system integrated in the mobile app, it adds a lot of comfort and safety when the skier is stuck in the dark or lost in snowy and foggy conditions by illuminating areas on the back and the arm and even emitting an SOS signal.

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