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 “Tabary” Ultra-light Harness


“Tabary” Ultra-light Harness

. Kailas – “Tabary” Ultra-light Harness (Quelle: Kailas)
Kailas – “Tabary” Ultra-light Harness
Bild: Kailas
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Kailas – “Tabary” Ultra-light Harness

Category: Outdoor Equipment

Breathable, maximum light weight and compactness, up to 30KN pull but only 195g, providing limitless freedom and mobility, specially made for sport and high end climbing. Reinforced Dyneema strands in waist belt and leg loops, offering optimal load distribution and excellent comfort. Smooth stitching eliminates chafe and pressure points.  “Quick Buckle” ensures easier and faster waist belt adjustment.


Designed for climbers who give everything. The high-performance Dyneema cord is well organized in the waist belt, and the leg loop offers maximum comfort when you are hanging in the crag.

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