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Sheffield Hallam University, Principal Research Fellow


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Nick Hamilton is a Principal Research Fellow within the internationally renowned Centre for Sports Engineering Research, at Sheffield Hallam University. Nick has worked as a consultant to the sports industry for 15 years and is the lead designer of the creative and consultancy team focusing on sports product design, innovation, analysis and manufacture. He leads the Sports Equipment Mechanics research group delivering world class applied research. He is also vice chair of the Outdoor Recreation Research Group, a unique multidisciplinary unit focused on delivering interdisciplinary consultancy and research in the outdoor sector; his personal passion.CSER is the largest research centre in the world focussing on sports engineering with 20 staff, 15 Phd and 20 Msc students as well as consultant for sports companies such as Nike, adidas, Ping, Puma, Reebok, Cervelo and Speedo; developing innovations and analysing product performance.
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