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EuroSIMA, Executive Director


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Working in the Action Sports industry since 20 years, with a background of Ski and Snowboard Instructor, then a Professional Surfing Event Organizer, I’m the Executive Director of EuroSIMA Association (European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association with 180 companies members) since 2003. I’m helping the Action Sports Companies to develop and set up their business in Europe, and I’m also coordinating the EuroSIMA Innovation Award since more than 10 years. I will put my experience, as an expert and passionate practicant, to the ISPO Award committee and Jury.

His statement about his first participation in the ISPO AWARD jury:

"I’m really happy to be part of the Jury for the Action Sports Ispo award, because I’m living in the surfing culture daily, closer to the industry, practicing actions sports as regularly as I could. I'm always delighting, as a kid, about all the innovations that are entering our market. We are working closer with the Ispo team to provide one of the best European Business platform for the Sports Industry and my jury participation will be the following of this strong relationship!"

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