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 A jury meeting report

A jury meeting report

. Martin Blum nahm an ISPO AWARD Jurymeeting teil. (Quelle: ISPO)
Martin Blum nahm an ISPO AWARD Jurymeeting teil.
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ISPO Award Jury – Being part of it, thanks to the ISPO Community

"Thanks to the first community voting that allowed one applicant to become part of the ISPO Award Jury, I was able to participate. The ISPO Award was on top of my wish list because it gathers everything that shapes and redefines skiing and outdoor.

The event exceeded my expectations. The two-day meeting started with an overview of the submitted soft- and hardware products for ski and outdoor in one of the halls of Messe München's congress center.

When I arrived, the Eco jury was already in session, and they left a strong, professional and constructive impression. The ten members of the jury – every single one with a 100% professional background regarding materials, production, process, etc. – assessed each product in such a structured manner making me realize that the following two days would be tough but also very informative.

I was entitled to judge the categories ski software and ski hardware with six other jury members. The team included production specialists who were able to share crucial background information on quality and workmanship as well as ski professionals like Seppi Rottmoser (ski mountaineering), Kim Havell (alpine professional), and Martin "McFly" Winkler (freeride professional). The pros certainly had some kind of connection with brands or companies including ski manufacturers, but this was used to our advantage: They were able to share additional product info and answer many questions, but they did not cast votes for their sponsors’ products. A very transparent and fair solution.

The amount of diversified winter sports knowledge gathered at this event is rarely found anywhere else. I can only express my appreciation regarding the immense effort and neutrality of the ISPO Award.


March 17, 2015, Martin Blum, Ski Jury 2015

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