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Every year ISPO honors extraordinary sports products with the ISPO AWARD. The ISPO AWARD has established itself as seal of quality for the sporting goods industry. Retailers value it as an orientation tool for future product selections; journalists appreciate it as an overview of outstanding product innovations; and consumers appreciate receiving a neutral recommendation by independent experts.

Application information

The application period for ISPO AWARD 2018 will start at October 16th, 2017 and end by January 10th, 2018.
Detailled information on categories, requirements, dates, benefits and costs can be found below the following panels:

Can anybody apply?
Every brand, every distribution agency, and every manufacturer of sports equipment can apply.

What can I apply with?
We accept any kind of sports-related product. The product needs to be a final product, available to the end consumer no later than in the sales season following the ISPO AWARD. Individual fabrics or components are excluded from the competition.

Where do I apply?
Applications are entered through the ISPO AWARD online platform at

Is there a realistic chance for younger brands or start-ups?
YES. Every product entered will be judged according to the very same, previously defined criteria. The main criterion is INNOVATION. Young companies in particular enrich the sporting goods market with new ideas and innovative products.

I was not awarded with an ISPO BRANDNEW award. Do I still have a chance?
YES. These two separate award competitions involve different judging criteria and different juries. This can result in completely different outcomes. In addition, the ISPO AWARD clearly focuses on the product only, while ISPO BRANDNEW additionally considers the brand itself and its communication practices.

What's needed for the application?
Select a product, complete the application form at and send one or two product samples to the ISPO AWARD organizers’ office on time for the jury meeting.

What is the cost for the application? Is there any additional cost in case I am selected?

Application fee

  • Early Bird until end of November: EUR 100
  • after Early Bird: EUR 200
  • ISPO BRANDNEW 2016 applicants: EUR 100

Promotional fee

  • WINNER: EUR 1,500

In return, the awarded competitor receives an extensive communications package that effectively advertises and promotes the awarded product.

What is the advantage of the early bird application?
Besides the 50% discount on the regular fee, the ISPO AWARD team provides detailed feedback including suggestions for improvement – but only when the application is entered before the early bird phase closes. This ensures a faultless application, which can improve overall chances.

Which is the right category for me?
Choose the category that you think is best for your product. You can also enter your product in multiple categories. But please note that this would also involve multiple applications, each of which will be charged with a separate application fee. Please also note that the jury reserves the right to move a product – if necessary – to a different, more appropriate category.

Do I have to answer all the questions in the application in English?
We definitely recommend it. The ISPO AWARD jury is an international jury (with members from up to 15 different countries from 4 continents). All conversations during the jury meetings are in English. Questions and descriptions in perfect English are thus a clear advantage.

Are the answers limited in length?
Yes. The intention is to point out the most important features of your product only. Due to the different nature of the individual questions, the character limitations are not the same for each one. Here are the most important ones:

  • Specific questions regarding the product: 350 characters
  • Short product description: 120 characters
  • Long product description: 450 characters

IMPORTANT: In addition to the jury meeting, the short and long descriptions of your product will also be used for the ISPO AWARD website, in all ISPO AWARD print publications and for all ISPO AWARD exhibition displays.

Can I edit my application once I entered it?
You can edit your online application until the final deadline, no matter when you first sent it.

What's the deadline for sending the sample product and where do I send it?
The final deadline describes the date that your product must be received by the ISPO AWARD organizing office. Please consider that shipment might take one or two days longer than anticipated to ensure that your product arrives on time.
c/o Pascher+Heinz GmbH
Joseph-Wild-Straße 20
D-81829 Munich
Phone: +49 89 944 1960
Customs number: DE5726719

When will I be informed whether I'm a winner?
The ISPO AWARD organizing team will generally inform all winners two to three days after the jury meeting. Since the results are very important, we are asking for some patience in case it takes a little longer due to data processing or other unexpected factors. Priority is given to the correct disclosure of the respective information.

What is the difference between WINNER, GOLD WINNER, and PRODUCT OF THE YEAR?
Winners of the ISPO AWARD are distinguished as follows:

  • PRODUCT OF THE YEAR: the very best product within a segment
  • GOLD WINNER: the best product within a category
  • WINNER: other award-worthy products within a category

When and where can I reclaim my product?
The ISPO AWARD organizers are not actively returning the products. Nevertheless, the participants have two options to reclaim their submitted product samples:

  • the official product return during ISPO MUNICH's show build-up day (at ISPO fairgrounds)
  • after ISPO MUNICH at the ISPO AWARD organizers' office

In case you want to pick up your product between the jury meeting and ISPO MUNICH or during ISPO MUNICH, please contact the ISPO AWARD organizing team timely (!!!) to make sure that a binding appointment is scheduled.
If you plan to reclaim your product after ISPO MUNICH, please inform the ISPO AWARD organizing team at least 24 hours prior to the desired pick-up time. Deadline for the collection is March 31st every year.



Every year, ISPO honors the most exceptional sporting goods with the ISPO AWARD. A jury consisting of independent sports business professionals evaluates several hundred entries – also from non-exhibitors – following clearly defined criteria. This premium selection presents a welcome orientation for both sports business professionals as well as end-consumers. It serves as a reference for retailers when choosing their upcoming product range; to end-consumers, it is seen as an important purchase argument. Both trust the jury's neutral decision.

The jury and the ISPO AWARD team are looking forward to another set of numerous interesting applications.

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