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Every year ISPO honors extraordinary sports products with the ISPO AWARD. The ISPO AWARD has established itself as seal of quality for the sporting goods industry. Retailers value it as an orientation tool for future product selections; journalists appreciate it as an overview of outstanding product innovations; and consumers appreciate receiving a neutral recommendation by independent experts.

Application information

The application period for ISPO AWARD 2018 will start at October 16th, 2017 and end by January 10th, 2018.
Detailled information on categories, requirements, dates, benefits and costs can be found below the following panels:

Our application tips

The jury does not know the entered products and will be evaluating a large number of entries during the jury meeting. Not an easy task. This means you should quickly convince the jury with your product. With our tips you can pptimize your application and increase your chances.


Be specific Like a sales pitch or meeting with a client, the application should reflect the unique characteristics of the product in only a few easy key sentences to attract the jury’s attention.
Be clear A clear presentation with powerful content can help convince the jury. Avoid any kind of marketing catchphrases and clearly describe the functions and the benefits for the end-consumer.
Be structuredAn application structured according to the evaluation criteria with clear, specific arguments will make it easier for the jury to assess the submission.
Take your timeDon’t rush when completing the application! You can interrupt your application any time and resume at a later point. It is also possible to skip certain points at first and return later to complete or correct them.


Our recommendation – upgrade your submission with an optional, simple video. It is your only possibility to present the product to the jury in your own words, directly from you to them.

Again, please remember that the jury does not know the product. The video should include the most important information including your brand’s message in one minute and provide a clear definition of the functionality of your product as well as its benefit for the end-consumer.

This does not imply, by all means, that we want a professionally produced and edited video. All that counts is pure information. Simply take a seat in front of a small video cam and introduce your products. Usually the jury doesn't like pure marketing videos.

FormatsDVD, Quicktime, AVI or all other common video formats: 1920x1080 px are ideal, formats smaller than 1024x768 px will not be presented to the jury.


Your application should cover the most important features and functionality of the product and clearly state the resulting benefits. This usually includes the obvious facts and naturally also info that is obvious at first glance. It ensures that all important details are taken into account and the evaluation is objective and based on facts.


The deadline for all online applications and products is January 13th, 2017.

The earlier we receive your application material, the better. This provides the organizational team with the opportunity to contact you in a timely manner should there be any questions and to begin to evaluate the application at an early time.

Apply now - there's nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.



Every year, ISPO honors the most exceptional sporting goods with the ISPO AWARD. A jury consisting of independent sports business professionals evaluates several hundred entries – also from non-exhibitors – following clearly defined criteria. This premium selection presents a welcome orientation for both sports business professionals as well as end-consumers. It serves as a reference for retailers when choosing their upcoming product range; to end-consumers, it is seen as an important purchase argument. Both trust the jury's neutral decision.

The jury and the ISPO AWARD team are looking forward to another set of numerous interesting applications.

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