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 Market Introduction Program for China

Market Introduction Program for China

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China offers one of the biggest emerging consumer markets worldwide. As a member of the global sports industry, your company can profit from the tremendous potential in the various sport sectors. However, if you want to establish and grow your business in China, there are essential questions that need answering with knowledge and care:

  • - How do I evaluate the realistic market potential for my products  and my company?
  • - How do I prepare my business for the needs of the Chinese market?
  • - How do I find reliable long-term partners?

The Market Introduction Program for China is a 4-day seminar, which is taking place at ISPO BEIJING 2018, and provides answers to those questions. Profit from the experience of our world-class speakers, connect with distributors, and learn everything you need to know about business in China!

Additional information on this seminar provides our brochure (0,3KB).


Full program for exhibitors of the current ISPO BEIJING / SHANGHAI: EUR 2,450
Full program for non-exhibitors: EUR 3,450

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