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 ISKO ARQUAS™ - Bend the Rules

ISKO ARQUAS™ - Bend the Rules

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ISKO ARQUAS™ provides activewear that delivers the level of performance needed for sports apparel, but with style. A revolution backed by the expertise of the global leader in premium denim, ISKO™.

ISKO™ is ahead of this trend bringing groundbreaking innovations and textile technologies along side its design center CREATIVE ROOM™, launching a platform that reinvents activewear.

ISKO ARQUAS™ activewear platform arises from the unique denim concepts patented by ISKO™ used in products that have already become cult items in fashion, such as ISKO FUTURE FACE™ and ISKO BLUEJYM™. These concepts are revolutionizing the fashion world thanks to their “twin souls”: a cross between denim and knitwear with remarkable comfort and softness on the body that have become elements of a new concept of “athleisure” and lifestyle.

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