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Terms and conditions of participation

Reader survey by ISPO (MMG)
1. The survey will be carried out by Messe München GmbH (MMG) / ISPO. The participation requirements, the duration of participation and the prizes and information are each stated in these terms and conditions. There will be a prize draw for an iPad Pro worth EUR 1,213 and ISPO goodies worth EUR 200 in total, which all readers who provide their email addresses during the survey can enter. The winners will be drawn secretly and at random from all participants entered. The period of the competition corresponds to the period of the survey.

2. Participants in the draw must be at least 16 years of age. Employees of Messe München GmbH and their family members are excluded from participation in the competition.

3. Participation is free of charge.

4. Any participation or opinions stated during participation which breach the voting procedures according to the justified opinion of MMG or which are unfair in relation to other participants in any other way, in particular because of manipulation or abuse, can result in exclusion should such evidence be present, and the participant shall be removed from the drawing.

5. The winners will be notified by Messe München GmbH / ISPO by E-mail to the E-mail ad-dress which was provided at the time of participation in the survey. The notification of the winners shall take place without any guarantee. The handover of the prizes shall be agreed with the participants. The participant shall be responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information. Should the contact information provided be incorrect (such as E-mail ad-dresses), MMG shall not be obliged to carry out any investigation, and any detriments in-curred as a result shall be borne by the participant. Should the potential winner fail to provide reconfirmation within a reasonable timeframe, MMG shall be entitled to reallocate the prize elsewhere and the prize shall be forfeited. A participant can also reject the prize. In such a case, the prize shall be allocated to the next participant in the prize winner ranking. Cash payments in lieu of the prizes, also in part, shall be excluded. Prize claims cannot be trans-ferred to other persons. The prizes can only be shipped within Germany, Austria and Switzer-land. MMG shall be entitled to exclude participants from the competition without prior notifica-tion, who infringe upon third party rights, who benefit through manipulation or who otherwise seriously breach these terms and conditions of participation, should objective suspicion there-of be present. In particular, the following manipulation attempts and breaches shall justify an exclusion: repeated registration using different E-mail addresses, registration via a provider whose business purpose concerns the manipulation of competitors amongst others or partici-pation via third parties (brokers, collective participations etc.). In addition, MMG shall reserve the right to delete individual answers from the survey containing information which is abhor-rent, threatening or pornographic, which promotes violence or which contains nudity and/or violence. In such a case, the said users shall be excluded from the prize draw. If applicable, in such a case the prize can also be retrospectively withdrawn. 

6. MMG shall reserve the right to modify, suspend or end the survey and prize draw at any time, taking into account the respective interests and the principle of reasonableness, if these cannot be carried out as planned. This shall apply in particular if the survey and prize draw cannot take place as scheduled, for example due to computer viruses, software and hard-ware defects and/or for other technical reasons which lead to significant impairments. This shall also apply in the case that the carrying out of the survey and prize draw is significantly impaired or prevented for legal reasons, as well as in the case of manipulations or manipula-tion attempts which impact the administration, security, integrity and/or regular and proper performance of the drawing. Should such a cancellation of the drawing have been caused by the behavior of a participant, MMG shall be entitled to demand reimbursement of the losses incurred from said person.

7. Participants shall release MMG from all claims on first request which are asserted by third parties in connection with the contributions provided by the respective participant (for exam-ple due to a breach of any rights connected to intellectual property). In case of a culpable breach, the participant shall incur liability for the losses incurred by MMG as a result, including the costs of prosecution and legal defense.

8. MMG will gather and save the E-mail address provided by the participant. The data of the participants will only be used and administered by MMG within the framework of the prize draw and notification of the winners. Your data will not be forwarded on for advertising pur-poses. In accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzge-setz), you have the right at any time to information concerning your saved data and, if appli-cable, a right concerning the correction, blocking or deletion of data. In case of queries con-cerning the gathering, processing or use of personal data or in case of information, correction, blocking or deletion of data, information can be obtained from: Messe München GmbH, Mes-segelände, D- 81823 Munich
9. No liability shall be incurred for losses which are incurred due to breaches of intellectual property, defects, delays or disruptions in connection with the transfer, in the case of disrup-tions to the technical facilities and the service, incorrect contents, loss or deletion of data, vi-ruses or other losses which occur during participation in the competition on the part of MMG, its organs or its vicarious agents, unless such losses are caused by MMG (or its organs and vicarious agents) intentionally or gross negligently. In the latter case, MMG shall only incur liability if such losses are typical and do not concern consequential losses and only up to a maximum amount of EUR 2,500 per incidence of loss; this limitation of liability shall only ap-ply in relation to companies, legal persons under public law and public law special funds. Fur-thermore, MMG shall incur liability in case of a simply negligent breach of essential obliga-tions whose violation endangers the attainment of the contractual purpose or in case of a breach of obligations whose fulfillment is essential for the proper performance of the competi-tion and on whose compliance the contracting partners regularly rely. However, in such a case MMG shall only incur liability for losses which are foreseeable and typical of the con-tract. MMG shall not incur liability for simply negligent breaches of obligations other than those stated in the sections above.

10. The limitations of liability stated above shall not apply in case of injuries to life, body and health, for defects following the assumption of quality guarantees concerning the quality of a product and in case of defects which are fraudulently concealed. The liability in accordance with the German Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz) shall remain unaffected.

11. It is hereby being pointed out that the availability and function of the survey and prize draw cannot be guaranteed. The survey or prize draw can be ended or removed due to external circumstances and constraints without the participants being entitled to any claims against MMG.

12. These terms and conditions of participation can be amended by MMG at any time, taking into account the respective interests and the principle of reasonableness and without separate notification and shall be subject exclusively to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

13. Should any individual provisions of the terms and conditions of participation be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses of the terms and conditions of participation shall remain unaffected.
14. The judges’decision is final.

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